about me:

My work with a camera is how I express myself creatively, 

Photographic imaginery allows me to show case my art.

As a photographer I enjoy both the creative and technical aspects of the process, both of which allow me to record and present my feelings, I bring to life my dreams by using atmospheric locations, striking fashion and inventive props all of which combine to make images that have unique and thought provoking moods.

I have travelled to photograph in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scotland and Poland. This context has made me a strong and confident image maker – I am able and resourceful. 

I travel by motorbike and this is important to me – the freedom and independence it thrills me. It also allows me to connect to the elements and people in the environment inspiring me. 

During my photography study I have got to know different types of photography and I have lost myself in portraits and fashion.

Contact with people – how different we are is like a never ending story. 



Awards:  1st  place at the BIPP Scotland in "Student Social & Portraiture"                          category

                  3rd place at the Beauty Photography Competition at

                        The Society of International Fashion and Glamour



Publications:    Alqua Magazine 001 Issue December 2016

                               Sheeba Magazine #18 June 2016 VOL III

                               Sheeba Magazine March 2016 VOL I

                               Dreamingless Magazine issue 10 and 14.2

                                Westonbeamor Spotlight (cover image)

                                Paisley Daily Express

                                Pangea Magazine

                                Gazeta Polonijna




If you are dreaming to have your personal photoshoot, create model portfolio, want to photograph your newborn, have family party or wedding and you are looking for a photographer you are in the right place!



Please contact me for more details.